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Well what a result on Tuesday evening. Myself I couldn't see us coming away with anything. My wish was for a draw.
Normally I would have gone to the game but with the cost of the tickets being as they were I thought it best to make a stand. The downside to this is the very fact that I and many more were not there to cheer our team on. I am hopeful that something comes of this veto as time and time again the fans take the brunt of footballs hierarchic.
Can we wish for more of the same this coming Saturday against MK Dons. Once again I would take a draw before kick off. The Dons are riding high and playing well and are always a tough team to beat especially at their own ground. So, for me a draw would be a good result.
Here's wishing the team all the best. Keep the faith and rise up the league.


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Before we kicked a ball my thoughts were that Bury would be a tough game. We must remember that with them gaining promotion they had a settled squad of players we had on the other hand some 6 or 7 changes.
Once the new players have settled in then I am certain that the club will be on the up. My only concern is with LC and his constant tinkering with the starting line up. I am one for selecting the same players week in week out apart from certain cup comps. This way I feel the players set up associations with each other.


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I have to agree with most of what you say Terrier Youngling. We are as we were last season. Very frustrating watching and seeing the same errors week in week out.
I do wonder about the team selections which change weekly. Continuity for me would win over random selections.


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I thought that Novak was the spur which the team needed. With his introduction the team started to function. The team is new and will take a few games to really get into their stride.
A draw against Bury was not a bad result. They were always going to be on a high coming to Town as they have still the same team which made promotion last season and continuity is a good thing.


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I could not understand Lee Clarks team selection last season as many others did. Novak for some reason did not fit into LCs plan, Rhodes (top scorer) played a bit part. We don't know if these players were injured or what the excuse was for them not turning out week in week out.
Long season and using the squad was some of the wording which came from the boss. The team week in week out was different, players in all positions apart from the skipper were changed. Cannot wait for Saturday to see the team selection. I shall be amazed if Rhodes and Novak start together.
Stuck to their tasks last night and got their just rewards. A good run in all comps to my mind is essential to get the team into a winning frame of mind.


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Yes today's the day the terriers start their pic-nic. Last night Look North program had us down as favorites for the division I hope they are right come the final game.
Don't like to be made favorites as it seems to paint a bulls eye on the club for others to aim at. All we can do is get behind the club and players and pray it is our season its going to be long, hard and with a few twists as every season is.
What's today's team? Now there is a question and mores to the point will it be the same team the following week?
Good luck lads.


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This new forum does not at the moment seem to have taken off. I would be interested in knowing how many people have signed up to "The Cowshed"?


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Lee Clark at last sees the light regarding Joey and Tom. Joey came from a couple of divisions above us and only shone once (Arsenal). Tom took over the tag of "Sick note" from Boothy. Still need to off load at least three more. At the last call the squad was 30, I would love to know what LC would like it to be.
I understand that Gary Roberts has as yet not signed a new contract. Maybe he is trying to get a good raise before the the wage capping comes into play.


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I certainly agree Seany that Bournemouths mid field did use the ball extremely well. Do we need another man for that position?Well for me Joey is not the man, he came with high expectations and I thought he fell short. Give him is due he had a very good game at Arsenal.
I would love to see a striker with pace at our club. Alan Lee for me did not fit the bill. What our manager saw in him is anyone's guess. He does hold the ball up well and he draws people in for the fouls but I wanted to see goals from the guy and that has not worked out.
Time and time again we see teams that put the fear of God up us when they run at us. We shall see in a weeks time what our shape is going to be. I would however like to see a settled side week in week out. Playing away from home depending on the opposition I would not change the starting line up.


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My issue with this is the very fact that those clubs with an extremely wealthy backer where money is no object will buy their divisions. Chelsea, Man City, Man Untd and Liverpool are examples of this. For a team to break that kind of monopoly will be very difficult. Season after season it is the usual suspects.
Money has always been the problem especially if you have not got much of it. Sky TV to a degree compounds this problem with the money they throw at the Premiership. All the clubs want instant success and they feel that the only way to achieve this is to buy the ready made article so they buy overseas players and our young players find it hard to break into a Premiership club. This in turn has a knock on effect with our National team where we find we have but a few quality players to choose from.


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I would be interested in other peoples views on the proposed financial capping which is to be introduced.
My view is that on the surface it seems a good idea. One drawback could be that a wealthy club may not have the fan base and will in effect be handicapped by the new ruling even though they may have a financially sound backer.
As it is at the moment the only help that the FA gives is to dock points from a team which goes into admin. Now I don't know about you but for the life of me I cannot see how taking points from a club serves to help it. To me that is a slap in the face for the fans.


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The run up to the start of the new season has it seems gone well. We have had some good positive results from our friendlies. I am hoping that the team can get off to a good start.
The team for our first match will as always be up for debate.
Is Garry Roberts staying or is he going? His transfer or new contract seems to have gone quiet. It will be interesting to see the new seasons line ups as they were a talking point week in week out last season.
Well her is to a good start and some entertaining football along the road to hopefully promotion.