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What a day on Saturday. I predicted it would go to Penalties - however I could never have predicted quite how dramatic it would be. So, after a long absence finally we are BACK IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! WooHoo


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Alternatively we could win every game 4 - 0


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So here we are, after the deafening silence that echoed around the Town half of Old Trafford at around 83 mins into the play off final. A new season, same league, slightly different team. I think every one knows that Automatic promotion is the ONLY acceptable outcome this season. Last season, I always thought automatic promotion would be difficult given the quality of teams around us. This season I feel is different, I believe we are the best team on paper. We are clear favourites. We have to get off to a good start. If we do this then I think we will achieve promotion.

Therefore today's game is a big one. We have to get off to a winner in front of a home crowd. Banish the disappointment of last season.