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what a debacle!with the resources available to clark since his arrival we should be in the championship.yet we cant beat a very poor rochdale team.clark is totally naive.he has to pick a settled team.chopping and changing is doing nothing for the confidence of the players.nobody seems to know what they are doing because the team is constantly changing.clark should pick a team and formation and stick to it.he should realise that football is a simple game .if warnock or buxton were manager we  would have been promoted by now and hoyle would have saved a lot of money


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I have to agree with most of what you say Terrier Youngling. We are as we were last season. Very frustrating watching and seeing the same errors week in week out.
I do wonder about the team selections which change weekly. Continuity for me would win over random selections.

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suggest once we get a win or two under our belts, we will see a more settled side. Should have won on saturday without a doubt. We are 2 games into a long season so no need to panic yet. Anyone knows watching Town is never as straight forward as winning games we should, how boring would that be?
Come on boys, back the team and be confident, after all, it could be worse you could be a Leeds fan!!!!


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Town never do anything easy but I must admit its very frustrating when we are not beating teams we really should be, no disrespect to Bury and Rochdale.

Was unlucky that we didn't get promoted last season with the points tally we had (for the 18 previous seasons before last it would have been enough) but on the other side of the coin we drew a lot of games with teams really we should be beating.

Teams know who to play against us but we seem to lack in the final third to kill of games, I still think we need another strikers to be honest. I went to Rochdale and we only have ourselves to blame really the game was their for the taking but sloppy play towards the end resulted in Rochdale getting a draw.