Topic: Welcome to the new site & forums!

Welcome to the new version of Terrier Bytes! smile Please take a look around and I'd be grateful if you can inform me of any errors/bugs that you may come across (hopefully none!).


Re: Welcome to the new site & forums!

Certainly seems improved. If the match reports remain as good and the forums get well used it should be a great site. I look forward to interacting.

Re: Welcome to the new site & forums!

Hi borussiaterrier - welcome to Terrier Bytes and thanks for the comments! smile

It would be great to get a good community going on here, just as it used to be a number of years ago. We'll just have to see how it goes as the season gets under way.

Oh and no need to worry about the match reports going down hill - Sean's unbiased views are always a pleasure to read!