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Right. All up and running in time for the new season opener against Bury. I have hated the summer so far as I have very bad withdrawal symptoms - NO FOOTBALL but mainly ducked shopping with the other half.
Got a good feeling about this year. Automatic, maybe champions.
Anyone else have a view and what have you done this summer?

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Hi BoothysGusset - welcome to the new site/forums! smile

I know exactly what you mean - you spend most of the time after the season has finished focusing on transfer news as it's the only thing to hang on to! I can't wait for the Bury game now.

Yeah I have a good feeling about this season too, but also have a worry that it'll be like the past two seasons all over again... Let's hope not! We're definitely good enough to be promoted.


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Feeling confident about this coming season but I still think we need another striker if we are going for automatic promotion.