Terrier-Bytes' Donation to the Roll of Honour

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 13/11/2002
As the forum and newsletter users should now know, Terrier-Bytes is contributing to Huddersfield Town's Roll of Honour scheme and, if you really love HTFC, then maybe you could add a little towards the fund. Any amount of money will do and, if there's any cash over the target ?100, then that will also be donated to the club.Terrier-Bytes' Donation to the Roll of Honour

To donate money to the Grand Roll of Honour through Terrier-Bytes you have one of two ways. The first option is to donate through credit or debit card using one of the NoCHEX links at the bottom of this document. The second way, and the old fashioned way, is to send a cheque or postal order to the Terrier-Bytes address which can be provided to you if you send an e-mail to klav@f2s.com or PM me (Garfield) on the Terrier Forums. Remember any amount of money you like helps towards the terriers' financial problems, so don't hesitate to send money even if it's a pound or a euro!

To donate through credit or debit card please follow one of the links below. If you haven't registered with the NoCHEX service, then you can do so by following instructions in any of the links below or by clicking here. Also, if you wish to donate more or less of the amounts featured below, then you can do so by altering the "amount" query string in the Web address (URL).


Finally I'd just like to mention that a list of all the people who make donations to the Terrier-Bytes contribution will be added to the site once the final sum is raised. So, if you want to be added to that list and be known as a true Town fan, then get donating and help support Huddersfield Town's future!

If you wish to discuss this matter or raise any points on this subject, then you can do so by clicking here and going to the Forums' dedicated topic for Terrier-Bytes' contribution to the Roll of Honour.


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