Waltzing in the Cowshed

Huddersfield Town story posted by Phill Rodgerson on 25/03/2002
Since Huddersfield Town?s migration from their traditional Leeds Rd. playing ground to the modern McAlpine Stadium just 6 years ago, something went missing. During the building process and intermission of the season ?94-?95 a little piece of Huddersfield seemed to mysteriously vanish into thin air. What was this precious part of Huddersfield tradition that was lost? The crowd.Waltzing in the Cowshed

Not the literal crowd. In fact, attendances for Huddersfield?s home games have risen quite significantly in the last few years. No, what I?m talking about is the loss of atmosphere. Where have all the famous roaring faces gone? All the ?Cowshed boys? who would intimidate fan and player alike to give Leeds Rd. that extra edge, a little something extra for visiting players to deal with.

Huddersfield was once seen as a difficult place to come. Not just because of the team but because of the fans as well. The roaring, the shouting, and sometimes even the fighting that all went with the reputation of the league?s ?hard boys? have all disappeared. Now, it is a quiet and almost peaceful place to come as you see rows of people sitting, with their arms folded gently enjoying the ?beautiful game?.

Now when fans come to the McAlpine they jeer us home fans with chants of ?You?re supposed to be at home?, indicating our lack of vociferousness. But yet, they are met with few or no responses at all. In the hey-day these would be met with snarls and roars from the home fans who would never back down from any challenge.

It is a stark contrast that needs to be addressed, in my opinion. The Football Association has made every attempt it can to cut down on the football ?hooligans? but I believe they are what made football what it is today. I don?t mean the mindless idiots who put other people?s lives at risks. I?m talking about the passionate fans. The ones who want to get behind their team, to actually play a key role in their team?s performance, rather than simply be in attendance to it.

How can the fans get the full enjoyment of the game they?re watching unless they?re living it? I feel it is the duty of every fan in the stadium to give their all for the boys on the pitch. Many seem to underestimate the power that fans have in providing the driving force for their players. But for a player to hear their name chanted in appreciation for a good tackle or piece of skill it can make a world of difference, and spur them on to do the same thing to get that similar ?buzz? reception from the fans.

Yesterday, it returned! The home fans were given our place to sing. The south stand, most commonly reserved for away fans was allocated to the home fans. The new ?Cowshed?, although it may be a bit cleaner. We were given the opportunity to show what true Town fans were to new Chairman David Taylor, and they most certainly did! On a cold and blustery the blue and white colours shone through.

Every fan in there sung their heart out and the difference was clearly shown on the field as the players savoured every lyric of the chants. It was also a very enjoyable afternoon as many of the Town fans reminisced of the old Leeds Rd. days by bringing back chants of ?Waltzing in the Cowshed?, for which everyone above the age of 10 took part in. Later on this year David Taylor is going to put a vote to the Town fans to ask them whether they want the Travelworld Stand to be a permanent seating area for Town fans and I want to urge all Town fans to put their ?tick? in the yes box. It is for the good of the Town and can play a major role in the future of our club! So vote yes for the Travelworld Stand!


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