Blind Bigot's Open Letter to everyone at HTFC

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 26/11/2002
To the fans: Firstly, I would like to say that in my view, the true fans of the club, i.e. those who come to matches, have every right to voice their opinions regardless of how critical their comments may be. Constructive criticism should always be welcomed.Blind Bigot's Open Letter to everyone at HTFC
Huddersfield Town have some of the most passionate football fans in the entire football league. Our younger fans could easily be tempted into watching L**ds United or Manchester United but they choose the Terriers. Us older ?troopers? were raised on attractive attacking football season in season out and when the old L**ds Road ground was full it was a truly magnificent and uplifting experience.

At the moment, our difficulties both on and off the field are taking their toll on supporter?s morale. This is hardly suprising but surely this should not become an excuse for verbally abusing inexperienced players or to revile the management. Demonstrations outside of the ground achieve nothing but create a greater gulf between club and supporters. When did a demonstration ever solve a financial problem at a football club? Ok so we replace the manager! Who out there could turn the proverbial sows ear into silk purse over night?

So I say! In this time of serious trouble for our club lets stick together, lets ensure that despite the desperate position were are in, we are 100% behind our club. Lets not look for scapegoats and people to blame, let?s get behind the famous Huddersfield Town AFC at a time when it needs us most.

To the players: You should be aware more than anyone that when you pull on your Blue & White striped shirt you are taking part in a segment of sporting history. The history of our club is bursting with famous and heroic footballers that have enriched the lives of many of us for decades. Some were internationals who would grace any team in the world in their era. When you cross the white line in the famous Blue & White the whole of our history, status and standing as a football club and your place in it is at stake.

Sadly, it seems that this fundamental truth is not fully appreciated by many in the current squad of players. Amongst our fans there are thousands who would sacrifice their entire wealth and livelihood to achieve the right to ware the famous Blue & White.

So think! Who?s shirt are you warring next match - Alex Jackson?s? Sammy Wadsworth?s? Clem Stephanson?s? Ken Willingham?s? Bob Hesford?s? Harold Hassall?s? Len Quested?s? Jimmy Glazzard?s? Viv Metcalfe?s? Denis Law?s? Ray Wilson?s? Bob McNab?? Jimmy Nicolson?s? Frank Worthington?s? Jimmy McGill?s? Mick Meagan?s? Trevor Cherry?s? Steve Kindon?s? Keith Hanvey?s? Malcolm Brown?s? Brian Stanton?s? Peter Jackson?s? Marcus Stewart?s?

I rest my case!

To the Manager: You are the manager of one of this countries best-loved football clubs. Being a Yorkshire man, you above all, should know that folk around these parts are often harsh, direct and honest with their criticism and maybe a little lenient with their praise in better times.

I presume you accepted the management post knowing what it was you were getting yourself into. THIS NOT Barnsley, Oldham Athletic or Southampton this is Huddersfield Town. A club with a very proud history and a very proud tradition.

If you send a team out to on the field who are not fit or able to meet these standards or who are not motivated, you will get the wrath of the fans. It?s not personal, it is the passion of true supporters. When you are long-gone we will still be here, full of expectation and the desire for 100% effort.

So, Mr Wadsworth we are crying out for evidence that you and your team have the same passion as we do. Please prove that you have to us next Saturday and in every match thereafter.

To the Directors: You claim to be fans of the club yourselves, so putting yourselves in our place should not be difficult. All we ask is that you tell us the truth. There is ?talk? that the club is nowhere near the depth of financial trouble that you say it is. Please clarify this! Alternatively, if our club is ?going under? we should also know. The sight of collection buckets before the game recently left me feeling physically sick at the thought of extinction ? but we need to know the truth.

Since you take over in the boardroom I have found your desire to listen to the fans very encouraging. Please consider all the points I have above before you make any decisions that may jeopardise the survival of Huddersfield Town club.

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