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Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 20/01/2003
Well, the site and forums are now back online but there was a few difficulties along the way. The main problem was the fact that the forum's whole database got completely wiped clean, which meant all posts and members were wiped. But, fortunately, I made a backup of the entire database back in August 2002. Any posts and members after this date have been wiped.Terrier-Bytes Now Back Online!

If you registered for the Terrier Forums after the 31st August 2002, then you'll have to re-register in order to post any messages as you've been wiped from the database. Registration only takes a minute or two anyway.

The Prediction League and rest of the Website has not been affected by the database problems as they're stored on a completely different database. Nothing to worry about there then!

Sorry for any inconvenience this whole situation may have caused you!


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