Huddersfield Town fans and their high expectations

Huddersfield Town story posted by Steve Phillips on 21/03/2003
Time and time again over the past year or so I?ve been hearing callers on the radio, reading articles in newspapers and magazines, listening to people on the television and paying attention to my loyal Huddersfield Town supporting friends, and they all come out with the same old "we?re too good to be fighting against relegation" or something along the lines of that. Now, it may be just me, but when you?re watching Town playing at the McAlpine (and away) week in week out you soon start to realise that we really do belong in the second division relegation zone, whether you like it or not.Huddersfield Town fans and their high expectations

To put things into perspective you have to look at the Huddersfield Town team which got relegated from the first division in season 2000/2001. The team on show then looked like the Brazilian 2002 World Cup winners compared to the team on display at present, and you have to remember why they got relegated - simply because of the fact that they weren?t good enough to be in the Nationwide first division. Now, if they weren?t good enough to be there, then this current side has got a snowman?s chance in hell of getting back there!

We all need to face the reality of it all: we?re on the brink of extinction, have an uncreative and poor team and, to tell no lie, we wouldn?t look out of place in the Conference division, that?s the harsh reality of it all.

OK, so far I?ve sounded very negative but believe me I don?t want to be and won?t come Saturday when I?m down at the Mac cheering on the lads. All I wish is that a miracle should happen and that we escape the dreaded drop. Let?s just hope that no more injuries plague our team of crocks, especially our only real goal-scorer, Martin Smith!

Anyway, I don?t know why I decided to type this little article, but I?m glad I did as I feel a lot better now that it?s off my chest. I hope you enjoyed reading this and thanks for putting up with my twisted ramblings!


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