Town fans set up Survival Trust for the club

Huddersfield Town story posted by Steve Phillips on 20/03/2003
Huddersfield supporters are to hold a meeting later on Thursday aimed at identifying ways of helping the club avoid the threat of liquidation.Town fans set up Survival Trust for the club
The Huddersfield Town Independent Supporters' Survival Trust is expected to be officially set up at the meeting.

And donations will be accepted to hopefully help the cash-strapped Terriers survive their current desperate plight.

Robert Pepper, a spokesman for the Trust, said: "We'll have Supporters Direct, a government-funded body, attending the meeting.

"And we'll also have representatives from the York City Supporters' Trust, who will hopefully be able to offer their background and experience.

"All the financial advice we've had so far has told us that the best route for the club to go down is administration.

"We're making a call for funds to make that possible, although the chairman has said that administration is not an option that we want to follow."

Various members of the club's staff are expected to attend, although chairman David Taylor will not be going, though he has already sent his apologies.

Taylor, though, remains wary of the process of administration.

"It is essential that liquidation is seen as a very, very last route as we would lose Football League membership," he told the club's website.

"I have always said over the last two years that the long-term survival of the club is in the hands of the young players coming through the academy system.

"We have invested heavily in the academy system but, once the running of the club is taken out of my hands, I cannot guarantee that the academy system would continue."

Source: BBC Sport


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