Wadsworth's reign as Town manager is over!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Steve Phillips on 26/03/2003
The tactically inept manager Mick Wadsworth has finaly been given the boot by Huddersfield Town after nearly a full season in charge. Mel Machin, who has been at Huddersfield Town a few months now, will take control of the struggling side until the end of the season.Wadsworth's reign as Town manager is over!

Many Huddersfield Town supporters will welcome this announcement and will be looking forward to the Notts County game with a more optimistic outlook on things. After all, things can't be any worse than under Wadsworth not matter how bad (or good) Machin does. This news might build up the confidence of the players for the final effort to get themselves out of the relegation zone.

The question that everybody wants to know now, however, is why sack Wadsworth days before the club is meant to be going into administration? Maybe it's a last-ditch scheme by terriers chairman David Taylor or a decision made by the people behind the potential takeover? Nobody knows at the moment but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

What do you all think to Wadsworth's sacking? Let everybody know by discussing the matter on the message boards here.


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