Another one bites the dust!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Andy Dixon on 26/03/2003
Huddersfield Town manager Mick Wadsworth was finally sacked today, after a shocking season which has seen his side plummet to the bottom of the second division with only seven matches remaining.Another one bites the dust!

Wadsworth inherited a squad which had finished inside the play-offs the season before and lost out to Brentford in the second-leg at Griffin Park. Yet the former Carlisle and Oldham manager failed to improve a good team.

Unbelievably Wadsworth was sacked earlier in the campaign, but was later re-instated after the debt riddled West Yorkshire club decided they couldn't afford to pay off his contract. But with the same debts still in place, the club have applied for administration and are teetering on the brink of extinction.

This move by Chairman David Taylor has shocked fans because of the timing. Considering the financial situation and the current form it is a questionable move and the club still have to pay Wadsworth off.

After a good February (2 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss) many supporters thought the club had turned the corner and Wadsworth would stay until the end of the season, yet 1 point from the last five games has seen the terriers literally hit rock bottom.

Probably the worst manager (results-wise) ever to take charge at the McAlpine was in control for 39 league games and won 9, drew 10 and lost 20. Arguably the highlight of his Huddersfield managerial career was the Worthington Cup home 1-0 defeat to FA Cup Quarter-Finalists Burnley, after extra-time.

Among his good moves were the loan signings of goalkeeper Scott Bevan and defender Eddie Youds. Additionally he gave young players like Philip Senior and Jonathan Stead the chance to experinece first-team football. Yet players like Scott McDonald, Kevin Gallacher and Lee Ashcroft all failed to impress and failed to score.

Really the fact that Town have scored 22 home goals and 7 away goals means that the problem was mainly with attack, not defence.

Injuries also plagued Wadsworth, with players like Gareth Evans never featuring and others like Chris Holland, Nathan Clarke, Eddie Youds and Andy Booth all having long spells off with injury.

The additional sale of club captain Steve Jenkins to Cardiff City was another step in the wrong direction and perhaps a decision that was taken away from Wadsworth because of the financial jeopardy at the club.

Whether you love or hate Wadsworth, it is unfair to lay all the blame on him. The other factors must be considered as any manager would have trouble pieceing together a successful team given the jigsaw that Wadsworth was handed.

Assitant manager (and relative newcomer) Mel Machin takes over now until the end of the season, when if David Taylor is still in charge, he will surely introduce Chairman-loving Terry Venables as the latest Huddersfield Town manager.


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