Football - the final frontier

Huddersfield Town story posted by Andy Dixon on 24/04/2003
These are the voyages of Huddersfield Town Football Club its continuing mission, to survive in Division Two, to keep financially alive and produce a turnover of football players and management officials in a decade that no club can equal, to boldly go where no football team has gone before.Football - the final frontier

Yet if Huddersfield enlisted Star Trek's 'Jean Luke Picard' (a.k.a. Patrick Stewart) as a key investor for the club's survival they will be going where another football team has gone before... namely Exeter City.

Exeter City are the only club in the league associated with a famous American based investor - Michael Jackson. Along with Uri Gellor, Jackson has been associated closely with a third division team to the point where their side are on the brink of relegation to the conference and out of the football league.

Although movie-star Stewart probably has stacks of disposable income that he could plough into the club and would ensure the survival of Huddersfield Town, no-one wants to see them do an Exeter City and maybe depart from the football league.

Personally I would prefer to stay up through fan support than be beamed up by a movie-star who attends one of two games a season.


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