The Town fans' view on... Paul Scott

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 12/06/2003
Things have changed dramatically since Wakefield-born Paul Scott first came through the ranks at Town back in 1997. Players and staff have come and gone, Town's financial situation has gone from bad to good to very bad, but one thing that hasn't changed is the amount of first team appearances Scott averages in a season. However, now that Scott's signed a new contract with the club, he might just change that with a permanent place in the first team for next season.The Town fans' view on... Paul Scott

Hundreds of posts have been made in the post on the Terrier-Bytes Forums dedicated to Paul Scott. OK, let's be realistic, maybe there's six or seven but here's what the fans who have posted think about Paul Scott.

Cleggy from Halifax thinks Scott will do well for Town.

" Well I am glad we now have two players resigned, both of which I am pleased about. I think given chance this lad will do well in our midfield given the chance."

Laura from Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield agrees with Cleggy.

"I like Paul Scott. He's a battling midfielder, which is good, and I reckon him and Jon Worthington will be class in midfield."

Peterzed from Daventry also agrees with the above two comments but feels more senior players are needed.

"Yes, we are gradually putting together a squad but it would be nice to see a couple of senior players sign up again at reduced terms."

Digger from Huddersfield has a differing point of view.

"Scott was bound to sign a new deal," wrote Digger. "There would be virtually no chance of him getting a contract elsewhere. There are apparantely more than 500 players being released this summer and it is reckoned that around 200 will not find new clubs. Who would be interested in a guy who has barely played first team football despite being at a club for years?"

All of the above quotes are interesting. The last quote by Digger caught my attention most, though. It seems to me that he has a valid point. I mean, who would be interested in a guy who has barely played first team football since 1997? There must be a reason why he hasn't played many games - is it simply because he isn't good enough?

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