Championship Manager 2001/2002 freebies!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 16/06/2003
I know, I know, Championship Manager 2001/2002 is now out of date, but to me and many others it?s still an extremely addictive game. In fact, I play CM0102 more than CM4 at the moment, due to the various bugs and such found in the latest version. Anyway, enough of the nothing talk, let?s get to business.Championship Manager 2001/2002 freebies!

In CM0102?s amazingly large database are hundreds of quality players at cheap prices or even available for free. The database version used for this article is v3.60, the original CM0102 database without any updates. The database size is set to ?maximum?, so please set yours to this setting if you?re to get the most out of this article.

To get the ball rolling I?ll discuss and list the best free players available at the start of the game. Not all clubs will be able to sign these players due to their reputation in the World. For example, if Zinedine Zidane was available on a free transfer at the beginning of the game, there would a snowman?s chance in hell of getting him to sign for a club such as Huddersfield Town. That?s the case in real life and that?s the case on the game.

The first free transfer player I will discuss is Joao Paiva. This 18-year-old striker has the potential to become a future Portuguese international. He has high attributes in pace, acceleration, off the ball and finishing. A few years playing in the reserves, if you?re playing as a high-status team, will nurture him into a World-Class player. If you?re not a high-status club then a run in the first team will do no harm to his development. He scored 43 in 51 matches for me when I had him with Stalybridge Celtic. A must-buy player for definite.

Next up is Spanish-born forward Adolfo. This 22-year-old playmaker is excellent playing ?in the hole? just behind your strikers. If played there he?s sure to have over 20 assists and just as many goals by the end of the season. Make sure you sort out his Minimum Fee Release Clause when offering him a contract as many top clubs will be sniffing around after a while.

Taribo West is the third free transfer available at the beginning of the game. He?s probably the best player available for free at the start of the game, so do your utmost to try and get this player to sign for you. He?s a solid defender, capped by Nigeria many times who has many of his attributes over 15. He usually gets a very good average rating over the course of a season.

Another great player with no club is Daniel Nardiello, the Manchester United ace. His attributes vary but are usually quite decent and improve with leaps and bounds if left on intense training or in the reserves for a while. Other ex-Manchester United players you should look at are Rhodri Jones, John Rankin and David Poole who are all fairly good frees at the start of the game.

Obviously, if I went through every good free transfer on the game then I?d be typing up this article for months, so what I?ve decided to do is make a list of the other good free transfers available. The list can be found after this paragraph.

Free Transfers List

Rajko Lekic
Joren Nuyts
Wouter Kos
Miguel Caceres
Carlos Marques
Angelo Danotti
Sergio Berti
Gennady Zubov
Constant Mantey
Dean Shiels
Paulo Pereira
Lee Sinnott (He?s old but pretty good for the lower leagues)

And that?s about it for this article. Watch out for my next CM0102 article in which I will be discussing, in my opinion, the best goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker on the game.


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