Huddersfield Town's Division 3 Fixtures Announced

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 19/06/2003
Huddersfield Town's Division Three fixtures were announced at 10am this morning. The terriers will start next season's campaign with a home game against Cambridge United on Saturday 9th August 2003. The full fixture list is available on the Official Site.Huddersfield Town's Division 3 Fixtures Announced

In the second week of the season the terriers will play Boston United away on Saturday 16th August. The week after will be a home game against York City on the 23rd August. Our Boxing Day fixture this year is against Darlington away, and our final game of the season is against Cheltenham Town on May 8th.

Just the announcement of Huddersfield Town's fixtures for next season will send a warm tingly sensation up the spine of most Town fans' backs, seeing as though the club could have been no more if yesterday's meeting didn't go to plan. Even though the football being played will be at a Third Division level, the thought that the club is well and truly alive is a wonderful feeling to have.

A full fixture list for next season's campaign will not appear on this site due to copyright reasons. You can view the fixtures on the Official Site here.


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