Survival Trust's Annual General Meeting

Huddersfield Town story posted by Phill Rodgerson on 24/06/2003
One of the most important and most promising developments to arise from our period of uncertainty following the disappointing end of last season was, no doubt, the Huddersfield Town Survival Trust. A group of Huddersfield Town supporters, with only the best interests of HTFC at heart, was quickly formed after speculation that the club may enter liquidation and cease to exist. Now, with the aid of the Survival Trust, Ken Davy and Terry Fisher have managed to secure the future of Huddersfield Town, but that doesn?t mean the Survival Trust will cease to exist.Survival Trust's Annual General Meeting

Far from it, in fact. On Tuesday, 24 June, the Trust have organised their first ever Annual General Meeting to, among other purposes, elect an official board of Directors. Those who have been elected to be nominated via a nomination and second from Trust members are as follows:

Stephen Booth
Ross Brown
Marcus Garside
Babs Metcalf
Carlton Midgley
Robert Pepper
Peter Sargent
Will Venters

Every member attending the AGM will be asked to elect and ratify the above as the Board of Directors of the Huddersfield Town Survival Trust. Memberships are available both online and should be available on the day priced at ?10 for one year and ?100 for a life membership. There are currently nearly 1,000 members of the Survival Trust. Trust Membership Certificates will also be available for collection. Anyone who isn?t available for the AGM will receive their certificates through the post.

The agenda for the evening will be as follows:

  1. Receive the Revenue Account and Balance Sheet for the previous financial period.
  2. Receive a report on the Society?s performance in the previous period.
  3. (a)Appoint Financial Auditors
    (b)Appoint Auditors of any other aspect of the performance of the Society if deemed necessary
  4. Elect the Officers of the Society
  5. The Way Forward (discussion)
  6. Any Other Business
The AGM will take place at the Alfred McAlpine Stadium on Tuesday, 24 June. The meeting will start at 8.00pm. All members are welcome and encouraged to come and use their right to vote and play an active part in the running of the Survival Trust.

For more details of the Survival Trust and the AGM click here to visit their website.


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