Jackson-Yorath combination back in business!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 27/06/2003
The Jackson-Yorath combination is oficially back in action after four years it's been announced just minutes ago. In reality it's been inevitable for the last few weeks but it's still great to see it officially announced. Peter Jackson has been appointed as manager and Terry Yorath his assistant.Jackson-Yorath combination back in business!

The much-loved duo will start work as of now. In fact, their positions at the McAlpine were secured two days ago. Jackson told the Official Website: "It's been going on for about four or five weeks now, but it was only secured about two days ago. Everything was in place, but I basically knew about two days ago that I had got the job," explained the new Huddersfield Town manager.

When asked if he applied for the job he replied: "No, I didn't apply for it. I got approached by Terry Fisher which led to me being manager and the press conference today."

With the Jackson-Yorath combination back in place I wouldn't be surprised if a few more old faces started to appear. Strong rumours have been going around that Tom Cowan and Wayne Allison will be signed in the next few weeks along with a few other ex-Town players.

The new Huddersfield Town era has begun.


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