The Town fans? view on... Jackson, Fisher and more

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 27/06/2003
Last week was very exciting for Huddersfield Town fans across the World with the future of the club being secured. This week has been similar with the appointment of Peter Jackson and Terry Yorath as the management team for the terriers, although Terry Fisher bowing out of the consortium was slightly depressing. In the week to come we should see a few new Jackson-Yorath signings and, sadly, one or two of Town's retained players leave. But if they don't want to play for Town then let them go - only players who bleed blue and white are going to do it in the Third Division.The Town fans? view on... Jackson, Fisher and more

Since the last 'The Town fans' view on...' article there's been quite a few posts made on the subject of player rumours, Peter Jackson and Terry Fisher's decision to not be a part of the Huddersfield Town rescue consortium. Most of the views are fairly interesting, especially one post which suggested that new Exeter boss, Eamonn Dolan, would be taking over the managerial reign at the McAlpine. Utter nonsense.

Since Jackson's appointment as the new manager earlier today the Terrier-Bytes Town fans seem fairly happy with it all. Not one bad post has been made about the decision.

Action-Man from Huddersfield is ecstatic with the news.

"This is the start of a new era," explained Action-Man. "Just having Jacko on the touchline again is worth at least 20 points per season."

Digger from Huddersfield feels Jackson will be a better manager than he was four years ago.

"What we need now is the players fired up and ready to give everything for the cause - I can think of no-one better for the job than Jacko," said an up-beat Digger. "He will have learnt a lot from his previous spell, and through his agency work and I'm confident he will be a better manager for it," he continued.

Chris from Huddersfield, the Terrier Forums' highest poster, replied with joy shortly after Digger's post. He chanted: "Jacko Jacko Jacko welcome back Jacko I never wanted you sacked and am glad that you [are] back." As you can tell from this quote, he's overjoyed with Jackson's appointment.

Various posts have been made dedicated to possible future player signings.

Mags from Harrogate has heard that two ex-Town players may be signing shortly.

"Cowan and Allison are lined up to join the Jacko comeback," was the rumour Mags has heard. Also, according to Laura, Darren Bullock may make a Town comeback.

As for Terry Fisher's exit from the consortium - it was met by puzzled replies by Town fans. A lot of fans feel there's more than meets the eye with his decision to bow out. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't. It's not worth bothering about though, because I don't think we'll ever find out if there was one.


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