Fans' Expectations High for New Season

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 28/06/2003
In the latest Terrier Poll over seventy percent of the Terrier-Bytes Huddersfield Town fans think that the terriers will finish in the play-offs or higher in the upcoming Division Three season, while only five percent think that they'll be relegated.Fans' Expectations High for New Season

The Terrier Poll, which has been running since last Saturday, showed very optimistic statistics when the votes were counted just minutes ago. The results reflect Peter Jackson's optimism since taking the manager's job yesterday morning. However, because the fans' expectations are so high before the season, it could mean a lot of pressure put on Peter Jackson and Terry Yorath if Town hit rocky waters at some point in the up-and-coming season. Still, it's better to have optimism flying around rather than pessimism, isn't it?

Terrier Poll Results
Q: Where will we finish in the upcoming season?

Champions - 18.42%
Automatic - 26.32%
Play-Offs - 26.32%
Mid-Table - 18.42%
Relegation Zone - 5.26%

A new Terrier Poll is now online which asks how excited you are about the season ahead. The poll can be found on the home page or by clicking 'Terrier Poll' in the menu on your left.


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