Smith leaves the Terriers for the Cobblers

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 01/07/2003
Huddersfield Town's consistent performer and top goalscorer for last season, Martin Smith, has signed for Northampton Town it was confirmed in the last hour or two. It confirms months of speculation about the player's future with the terriers.Smith leaves the Terriers for the Cobblers

Smith, 28, was offered a new contract by the terriers but, obviously, it did not meet his demands. The cobblers' contract offer must have been good as many people will see the move as a sideways step in his career. The move to Third Division Northampton Town isn't quite the move he might have made to First Division Wigan Athletic.

Smith, known as 'Smithy' by the Town fans, fired 29 goals in 75 appearances since signing for the terriers back in Februrary 2000. Most of his Town career was plagued with injuries but last season showed that he hasn't lost his touch in front of goal.

Huddersfield Town will now be desperate to sign a 25-goals-a-season striker with the loss of Smith. Andy Booth, although exceptionally good in the air, cannot be relied on to hit in the goals, nor can Stead. Hopefully the Jackson-Yorath duo can find a prolific striker who his Town through and through.


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