The Town fans' view on... Smith's departure

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 04/07/2003
Since half way through last season we?ve all really known deep down inside that Huddersfield Town?s only prolific striker at the club, Martin Smith, was going to leave the club at the end of his contract unless he was offered a contract similar to the one given to him under Steve Bruce, and that was about as likely to happen as Andy Booth going through a full 90 minutes without getting knackered or his knees locking up! You catch my drift.The Town fans' view on... Smith's departure

As you all probably know by now Martin Smith joined fellow Third Division competitors Northampton Town earlier this week. He accepted a three year deal from the Cobblers which, according to sources, is about three times as much as what the Terriers were offering him, as well as a year longer in length. Now, any normal person would accept an offer like this unless you were really Huddersfield Town through and through, which he isn?t. Maybe if it was Sunderland who he played for, then he might not have accepted another team?s offer.

Next season when Smithy visits us with his new team Northampton, he?ll most probably be greeted with boos and jeers, which to me is absolutely stupid and disrespectful. I mean, come on, he showed his loyalty to us when he decided to stay last season when he could have easily gone to Wigan, which to me deserves a standing ovation alone.

The Terrier-Bytes Town fans have their own view on Martin Smith?s recent departure.

Laura from Huddersfield is disappointed at Smith?s decision to join Northampton.

?I feel like he has stabbed us all in the back,? said an angered Laura. ?I mean fair enough, he scored some crackin? goals for us, and I have good memories, but for him to go there, to one of our league rivals, just because he can get a bit more dosh to line his pockets, when it isn't even going to further his career like a move to somewhere like Sheffield United or Sunderland would have done, which I would have accepted a move there, and wished him luck, because they?re in a higher league and it would be beneficial to his career, but a move to Northampton Town...whatever!!?

Blind Bigot from Huddersfield, a Town fan for over 30 years, wishes Smith the best of luck.

?I bare no malice towards Martin what so ever - in fact I wish him luck! Surely it's the current economic climate that creates disloyalty? I don't blame him for securing the future of himself and his family. Even if it does sound like double talk. I just wish players would be honest and admit their in it for the money instead of spinning the old loyalty yarn to please the fans.?

Digger from Huddersfield is thinking along the same lines as Blind Bigot.

?Martin Smith was the only bright spot in a miserable season,? explained Digger. ?I wish him all the best at Northampton (except when he plays against us of course). I don't blame him for going to the highest bidder but am disappointed that no first division club was willing to take a chance on him, his injury problems have surely put people off. I will certainly not boo him when he plays against us - he deserves better.?

Terrier-Bytes? part-time columnist, Beaker from Huddersfield, echoes my sentiments.

?Martin Smith made the sensible choice for his family. He isn't from Huddersfield, the club isn't in his heart and so he took the best offer. I for one will applaud him when he returns to the McAlpine for giving his all in what was the nightmare of a season we've just had.?

So, after reading through these plucked messages as well as the others in the topic it seems that the majority of the Terrier-Bytes section of Town fans agree with Smith?s decision to leave the Terriers for the Cobblers. Although they?re sad to see him go they wish him the best of luck at his new club.

Good luck Martin!


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