Terrier-Bytes Season 2003/2004 Launch Date Set

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 09/07/2003
For around two years I've been promising the regular users of the Terrier-Bytes site and forums that a brand-spanking new version of Terrier-Bytes will be unveiled. Well, now the waiting's over. The new site will be launched on Saturday August 30th - the day Town play Bristol Rovers at home - between 6pm and 10pm.Terrier-Bytes Season 2003/2004 Launch Date Set

Expect the new site to have all of the current site's features, some improved some the same, as well as a range of other sections. The colour scheme for the new design has been implemented to match Huddersfield Town's current club colours so there'll be no more light blue menu bars and header images. The new Huddersfield Town badge will be shown on each of the new site's pages unlike the current design where the old badge features.

The Prediction League season will start on the current site and then move to the new site on August 30th. The Terrier-Bytes server will be unavailable whilst the new site is being uploaded but it shouldn't take too long if everything goes according to plan.

Updates on the prospective site will be posted on this site in the weeks leading up to its launch.

If you want an idea of yours implemented into Terrier-Bytes Season 2003/2004 then contact me at admin@terrier-bytes.com.


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