Terrier-Bytes Season 2003/2004 Update

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 23/07/2003
With the new Terrier-Bytes Website, Season 2003/2004, planned for launch on Saturday August 30th, I thought it would be fitting to let you all in on what to expect from it. Hopefully, with all the "bigging up" of the site I'm doing, I won't be left with egg on my face when the site itself is actually launched.Terrier-Bytes Season 2003/2004 Update

The site will offer everything the current Terrier-Bytes site does plus loads more. However, the 'Fans for England', 'E-Mail Service' and 'Audio & Video' sections will all be discontinued. At the time of typing this article, new sections for the site are: Division 3 Guide, Player Profiles, Statistics, Newsletter Archive and, last but not least, the Rumour Mill.

The colour scheme will be similar to Huddersfield Town's official site of last season - Navy Blue (HEX CODE: #003279), White (HEX CODE: #FFFFFF), and Grey (HEX CODE: #CCCCCC). The site will be viewable with any screen resolution but I recommend 800x600 or higher to get the most out of the site.

No fixtures will be published due to copyright reasons. A copy of Phill's Excel formatted Fixture List will still be available though.

To fit with the new site, the Terrier Forums will undergo a slight change in design, too. The Forums' logo will be provided by a Terrier-Bytes user.

Not everything for the Website is certain at the moment, but one thing's for certain - Terrier-Bytes is evolving!


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