Ten things to look forward to in the new season

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 26/07/2003
With the new season just over a fortnight away the excitement is already starting to build up amongst supporters of every club around the country. However, out of each club in England, Huddersfield Town fans seem to be the most excited. This is mainly down to the Terriers' fresh start since the days of Mick Wadsworth and Mel Machin.Ten things to look forward to in the new season

So far, under the Jackson-Yorath combination, things have gone better than expected. The on-the-pitch signings of Rob Edwards, Jon Newby, Tony Carss, Ian Hughes and Martyn Booty have all exceeded my expectations, as have the off-the-pitch signings. Also, Town's friendly results so far have all been good beating Wakefield and Emley 2-0, Halifax Town 3-2 and Sunderland 2-0.

If you thought things can't get any better then think again! Checkout these ten things which will make sure that you won't be getting bored in season 2003/2004!

1. Terrier-Bytes Season 2003/2004
On August 30th the new Terrier-Bytes Website, Season 2003/2004, will be launched. Since the present site has been active, Town have been relegated to the Second Division and then to the Third Division in the space of two Years, so hopefully the new site will bring the Terriers that extra bit of luck. Updates on the new site will continue to be posted as things progress.

2. Jon Newby
Any player who comes through the ranks at Liverpool FC's Youth Acadamy and trains alongside Michael Owen, Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard must be pretty good. I mean, if he wasn't any good in the first place, then Liverpool wouldn't have initially signed him up. He's scored in each of Town's friendlies so far, which is a good sign.

3. Terrier-Bytes Prediction League
For the last two Years the Prediction League has been a huge success. This Year I'm aiming to make it an even bigger hit with the fans. You can signup for the Prediction League from tomorrow onwards. An e-mail will be sent out to last Year's users with more details for the upcoming campaign.

4. Valentines Day in Torquay
If you've got a special someone in your life then a trip to Torquay on Valentines Day is sure to please you both. There's nowhere more romantic than a trip to Plainmoor, now is there!

5. Captain Edwards
At last we have a captain who bleeds blue and white and gives 110% effort every game.

6. Bradford City getting relegated
They just managed to escape the dreaded drop last season, so this season it looks ineveitable. The thought of playing Bradford City next season is a pretty nice one. Relegation this season looks inevitable for Leeds United, too!

7. Jackson screaming on the touchline
Just the sight of seeing Peter Jackson and Terry Yorath screaming on the touchline makes you get that funny feeling. After witnessing Mick Wadsworth's stiff figure in the dugout week in, week out last season, just a little bit of emotion from the touchline will send a shiver down your spine!

8. The best stadium in Division 3!
Without a shadow of a doubt, the McAlpine Stadium is the best stadium in Division 3 or even in the entire Nationwide leagues. That's certainly something to be proud of. It's just a pity that the ground is only going to be around a fifth full this season.

9. New Terrier Columnist Peter MacGibbon
New columnist Peter MacGibbon, known as peterzed on the Terrier Forums, is sure to brighten season 2003/2004 with his nostalgic articles. Rachel has promised more articles for the future but both Phill and Andy are going to University after summer so they won't be available to write for the site anymore. However, a few new writers for the site are planned.

10. A smoke-free McAlpine Stadium
Non-smokers or people with children will be pleased with the new non-smoking McAlpine Stadium rule. However, people who do smoke will be fuming with the new rule. I think an investment in one of Action_Man's portable ash trays would be a good idea!

This season, judging by the ten things listed, should be one of the best for Huddersfield Town fans for Years!


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