Terrier-Bytes Prediction League 2003/2004

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 30/07/2003
After last season's successful Huddersfield Town Prediction League campaign there was never any doubt that it would return for this season. Registrations are already taking place for what should be an even more successful campaign this time around.Terrier-Bytes Prediction League 2003/2004

The Terrier-Bytes Prediction League 2003/2004 finished with regular user, townfan72, crowned the Champion. His prize, although he hasn't actually recieved it yet, is Huddersfield Town's home or away kit for this season. As soon as it's available to buy it'll be sent off to his address. The runner-up, Dwayne Pod, will not receive anything.

If you wish to register for this season's Prediction League, click here. If yo wish to re-register your details from last season's Prediction League, please send an e-mail to klav@f2s.com with the subject "RE-REGISTER".

Prediction League Winners

2003/2004: ?
2002/2003: townfan72
2001/2002: Dwayne Pod


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