Terriers' pre-season winning streak continues!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 02/08/2003
Huddersfield Town kept up their winning ways as they impressively took the fire out of the Dragons earlier today. Goals from Carss, Stead and Booth swept the home side away.Terriers' pre-season winning streak continues!

West Brom, relegated from the Premiership last season, were beaten by Wrexham on Tuesday, which meant the Wales-based club were high on confidence going in to today's game. But all the confidence in the World wouldn't have stopped the Mighty Terriers grabbing a victory - the hunger to win was there throughout the whole game. If the team continue to play like this into the new season then I certainly won't be complaining.

Over the pre-season Jackson seems to have found Stead's goalscoring touch, which is definitely a good thing. Last season he looked very uncomfortable in front of goal - this pre-season, however, he looks like a transformed player. He's nearly scored as many as he did all last season!

So, today's win means Jackson has still not lost a game since taking charge at the McAlpine. He's obviously doing something right. I can't remember a pre-season being so good!

Roll on Saturday!


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