Town back on the brink of extinction?

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 03/08/2003
According to Sunday's morning newspaper, The People, Huddersfield Town are back on the brink of extinction after some players rejected a lined-up pay deal put together by the PFA and the Terriers.Town back on the brink of extinction?

If the news is correct, which I think isn't, then the situation would be absolutely devastating. Saturday's game against Cambridge United would be cancelled, as would all of Town's fixtures, and the future of Huddersfield Town would be no more. Town fans World-Wide would be shell-shocked no doubt.

Don't be getting too worried about it though. I can't see any current Town players wanting the club to fold so I'd take this news with a pinch of salt. It's probably just a pun to try and improve newspaper sales!


Article from The People - 03/08/03

HUDDERSFIELD are back on the brink after their players pulled the plug on an 11th-hour pay deal.

The Terriers announced on Friday they were out of administration when a rescue package was put together by chairman Keith Davy.

But some players, understood to be acting on the advice of their agents, rejected a new pay deal that had been brokered by the PFA and Town.

Some of Huddersfield's high earners, such as ?7,000-a-week striker Andy Booth, had deferred some of their salaries and bonuses until the club sorted out their financial position.

Huddersfield and the PFA believed they had struck a deal with the players to pay back the money during the season.

A League insider admitted: "The club is facing the end. The PFA brokered a deal with players and they were supposed to sign a document on Friday, but it is now up in the air."


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