Celebrate Town coming out of administration!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 26/08/2003
A couple of weeks ago saw our beloved team, Huddersfield Town, finally be re-admitted to the Football League and officially come out of administration. A last minute hitch involving four ex-Town players was overcome and the Football League finally gave the Terriers the green light!Celebrate Town coming out of administration!

To celebrate Town's re-admission to the Football League we want you, the fans, to send in your Town-related photos. Anything involving you and Town will be accepted. Alternatively, if you don't have any photos, you can share your appreciation with fellow Town fans on the Terrier-Bytes Forums by signing the thread featured at the link below. Let us all know just how much you love Huddersfield Town!

Share your emotions!

If I get enough photos, a special section will be created on the new Terrier-Bytes site showcasing them.

Send all Town-related photos to klav@f2s.com.


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