Newby for definite but who should partner him?

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 09/08/2003
Judging by the latest Terrier-Bytes Poll results, Terriers' fans are undecided on who should partner Jon Newby upfront for Huddersfield Town. Some feel it should be Jon Stead whilst others feel the vastly experienced and Huddersfield product Andy Booth would be the ideal partner for 'Newbs'.Newby for definite but who should partner him?

The fans seem pretty certain that recent signing Newby, 24, should be a regular upfront for Town this season but choosing a partner seems a little difficult at the moment. It's a good situation to be in. Both Stead and Booth are excellent strikers for the Third Division, there's certainly no doubting that.

I'm thankful that it's Jackson who has to make the decision!

Terrier Poll
Q: Which partnership do you want upfront for Town this season?

Newby & Stead - 38.6%
Stead & Booth - 5.26%
Booth & Newby - 42.11%
Schofield & Newby - 7.02%
Other... - 1.75%

A new poll is now online which asks who you think was the Man of the Match against Cambridge United. You can access the new poll by clicking 'Terrier Poll' in the menu on your left or by visiting this Website's homepage.


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