The Town fans' view on... Stead and Sodje

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 15/08/2003
Over the pre-season Jon Stead, or 'Steadinho' as a lot of fans now know him, has impressed greatly. His all-round game has stepped up dramtically and his goalscoring has definitely improved, hence his Brazilian-style nickname. He was named Man of the Match against Cambridge United at the weekend and put in another brilliant performance at home to Derby County on Tuesday night.The Town fans' view on... Stead and Sodje

Another player who impressed on Tuesday night was the World Cup Star, Eje Sodje. His performance against the Rams was of a World-Class standard and his character, charisma and passion was top-notch for sure. If he consistently performs like he did on Tuesday, there's no doubt that he'll become a McAlpine legend. Blue and White bandana sales look like they'll go through the roof!

For the first time in a very long while, Town fans now have something to be optimistic about. The Terrier-Bytes Huddersfield Town fans have been delighted with Stead and Sodje.

Mags from Harrogate is happy for Jon Stead.

"He has been a revelation," explained Mags. "(It) could be the fact he has put on some weight and doesn't appear to be such a pushover any more but whatever it is I hope it continues. Well done Jon."

Cleggy from Halifax feels Jackson and Yorath will bring out the best in Stead.

"He has performed well so far and its great to see him bag the goals he has too," said Cleggy. "Last season will have given him a good grounding and now Jacko and Taff can take him to the next level!"

Laura from Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield rates Sodje highly.

"Efe Sodje - what a guy. They have to start selling Sodje bandanas in the club shop from now on!!"

Mr Singh from Huddersfield thinks Sodje is excellent.

"He's absolute class," said Terrier-Bytes Forums' regular, Mr Singh. "He's played in the World Cup against some great teams remember!"

The optimism of the fans for the current season is unbelievable. I can't remember Town fans being so joyful! Hopefully the great mood can continue after a good result against Boston United tomorrow afternoon.


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