Quarterly Review

Huddersfield Town story posted by Peter MacGibbon on 13/10/2004
26% of the league season gone, 12 games out of 46, so how are we doing?Quarterly Review

On the face of it not too badly, holding our own, lying ninth in the table although some teams have a game in hand on us. Our record couldn't be more evenly balanced : Won 5 Drawn 2 Lost 5

Unfortunately we aren't being very consistent, brilliant one game, lackluster the next. In some part this has to be due to the age and inexperience of our team; it is asking a lot of our youngsters to perform well week in/week out. They do need the occasional rest.

Our older hands are performing solidly. Efe is as erratic as ever but Yates is a stalwart. Edwards and Booth are capable of good things but I think both realise that their shelf life is drawing to an end as shown by their proneness to picking up injuries.

The newcomers, Chris Brandon and Junior Mendes, are blending into the team well and should give good service for some time yet, helping to bring the youngsters on.

Discipline is better than last year but isn't perfect. Still too many silly actions resulting in Yellow Cards or worse. We have at least three players who are their own worst enemies!

In my view our squad is rounded enough, and just about strong enough, to keep us going well through the rest of the season, injuries and suspensions permitting.

Be warned though! We may be lying 'handy' in ninth spot but we still have to play six of the teams above us before the year is out, starting with Luton. If all goes well we could be much nearer the top by New Year but if things goes badly.............


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