It's now or never....

Huddersfield Town story posted by Neil Armstead on 15/02/2005
As we approach the game against Blackpool down at the 'Pharm this weekend, most people associated with Town realise that anything but a win on Saturday would end the playoff dream for the Terriers. We are currently 11 points short of 6th placed Brentford, but, with 42 points remaining to give a possible total of 82 points, is the playoff dream really over?It's now or never....

Well, probably, yes it is. The fact is that we have been terribly inconsistent this season, and if it weren't for a vast array of blunders by players and officials alike, Town could well have been 20 points further up the table. Take games such as away at MK Dons, or at home to Bristol City as examples. Silly goals costing Town valuable points.

Victory this weekend is a must, not to keep our playoff aspirations alive, but to help ensure that we halt the slope down the league. Lets face it, nobody wants another last day of the season upset.
And not against Wrexham either, who have already upset us once this season and may well be playing for their own lives come the 7th of May.

Ok, so maybe i'm being negative here. This is our first season back in League One, we shouldn't expect a second successive promotion. The team have performed well, and given us another building block for the future in gaining promotion from Division 3. As long as we overcome the teams below us we will be fine, as many of the teams below us we still have to play, and who knows, with Becks back for another month, Jacko looking for a new defender and more promising youth being included in the first 11, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Top 30 club by 2007?
You betcha!


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