Town v Coventry City

Huddersfield Town story posted by Peter MacGibbon on 11/07/2005
Town v Coventry City
or is it Coventry City v Town?

Coventry City are the first game, tomorrow night, in the Copa de Ibiza. The match is at the San Antonio ground of S D Portmany .

We have taken our full squad, including the ? New Boys? but excluding the injured Ahmed, but I?m not sure how many of them will get a game. Is it the usual 3 subs rule or have more been agreed? Sorry I don?t know. We will play Coventry City and then either QPR or S D Portmanay (or an Ibiza Select).

It?s a pity that it isn?t a ?Round Robin? format guaranteeing three games or four if a final and 3rd/4th place game were included.

Jacko has made it plain that his first choice back four this season is going to be the Clarke brothers and Mirfin with McCombe and McIntosh disputing the fourth spot.

During the close season Coventry have signed Clayton Once (goalkeeper) from Crewe, James Scowcroft from Ipswich and Matt Heath (defender) from Leicester City. They have renewed the loan of Richard Duffy from Portsmouth. The striker Trevor Benjamin has left them and gone to Peterborough. Stern John isn?t available as he is playing for Trinidad and Tobago at the moment in the Concacef Cup.

I guess the away strips of the three British clubs will get an airing since we all wear blue in one form or another!

Interestingly Coventry?s new strip, to be launched when the new stadium opens, is a blue and white striped body with blue sleeves.


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