Pre-Season Trials and Tribulations! Continued!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Peter MacGibbon on 20/07/2005
Pre-Season Trials and Tribulations! Continued!
Having returned from Ibiza we went into action against Harrogate Town. By all accounts we played well apart from a characteristic slip towards the end letting Harrogate in. How many times last season did we let ourselves down late in the second half?

On the plus side Pawel scored four good goals and we didn?t have any players injured.

12th July
Town 0 Coventry 1

13th July
Town 2 Ibiza Select 1

19th July
HarrogateTown 1 Terriers 4

Coming up:

Wednesday 20th July 2005
Rossendale (A) - Reserves/Academy 7.30pm Kick Off

Rossendale will find themselves facing a mix of Academicians and seasoned players tonight.

Friday 22nd July 2005
MansfieldTown (A) 7.00pm

Monday 25th July 2005
Wakefield & Emley (A) - Reserves/Academy 7.30pm Kick Off

Thursday 28th July 2005
AFC Emley (A) - Reserves/Academy

To be confirmed

Saturday 30th July 2005
Rochdale (A) 3.00pm Kick Off

Monday 1st August 2005
Bradford Park Avenue (A) - Reserves/Academy 7.30pm


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