Chesterfield v Terriers

Huddersfield Town story posted by Peter MacGibbon on 21/10/2005
Chesterfield v Terriers
Back we go to Saltergate almost two months to the day since we beat the Spireites 4-2 in the Carling Cup with Gary Taylor-Fletcher scoring a hat trick!

Fortunately we will have our senior players back for this game. Booth, Brandon, Hudson, Carss and Schofield should all be available. John McCombe will be in the squad, maybe to replace The Ox if he is moved up front at some time in the game? His goal on Wednesday may have reminded people that he proved a more than capable striker a couple of seasons back.

Chesterfield have their full squad available, including The Chief, and are expecting a closer game than last time. Their recent form is good. They have collected 16 points from their last 8 games, compared with our 17, and are on a roll at home, two games won on the trot. Having said that they haven?t actually played at home for a month. Like us they are looking to bounce back from an LDV defeat during the week. They are buoyed up by the fact that we haven?t defeated them at Saltergate, in the league, since the 1982-3 season!

I?m expecting us to come back with three points but I think it will be a close game. If we suffer from our ?second half itis? complaint it could be fatal.


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