Chelsea v Huddersfield Town

Huddersfield Town story posted by Peter MacGibbon on 06/01/2006
Third round FA Cup action for us tomorrow against the runaway Premiership leaders!Chelsea v Huddersfield Town

William Hill?s odds for the ninety minutes are 1/20 Chelsea, (for the uninitiated that mean you stake ?20 to win ?1 !), 8/1 the draw and 25/1 the Terriers!

We obviously have Chelsea a bit worried, however, since they signed another midfielder, Maniche (full name Nuno Ricardo Oliveira Ribeiro), on loan from Mosco Dynamo.

Jacko is being very bullish in several of today?s newspapers and will be wearing a new Pal Zileri suit, a Pink Eton Shirt, with a grey tie, and brown Cheaney shoes. He isn?t wearing Armani as he feels it would be unfair to show Jos? up!

Being serious, let?s face it we have virtually no chance of even scraping a draw in this match. If Mourinho puts out the weakest possible side from his full squad we will still end up facing a side containing 8 full internationals.

We will be short Jon Worthington, Andy Booth and Tony Carss. Missing our talisman, Andy Booth, might actually work in our favour if it means we go back to the smooth, on the ground, passing game, that we played so well earlier in the season, rather than the ?thump it in the air up to Andy? game we have reverted to recently. One thing is for sure our fullbacks, Holdsworth and Adams, will have their work cut out. Chelsea play with genuine, skilful, pacey, wingers capable of making a run for the bye line and cutting the ball back into the area.

My hope is that our lads will relax, enjoy the atmosphere, and play some decent football to get them back on track for the rest of the season. No tantrums or unnecessary yellows or reds.

Peter Jackson echoes my sentiments ?"The main thing is that we take a lot of credit from the game. It is important that every player plays with the right attitude and at the final whistle everyone can leave the field knowing that they have done their best.?

Having said we have no chance I have to admit that I am going to waste a couple of quid with Mr Hill just in case the giant killing game tomorrow is ours!

You can read what Chelsea have to say about us at

(Probably best to cut and paste this link into your brwser)

Incidentally Chelsea TV don?t show live matches so let?s hope that the internet radio link works, it didn?t for the Gillingham match, and we can listen to the miracle happening!


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