The Town fans' view on? Summer Transfers

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 24/05/2006
Going back a few years ago, there was a series of articles called ?The Town fans? view on?? which proved to be very popular and high in the ratings, so I?ve decided to bring it back with this article relating to Town?s transfer targets this summer, which are all rumours, of course!The Town fans' view on? Summer Transfers

After a quick browse around the Terrier Forums a number of possible transfer targets popped up. Macca from Lightcliffe, Huddersfield believes that Michael Ricketts is on Peter Jackson?s shortlist, that?s if he?ll take a huge pay cut, obviously.

Neil Armstead, one of the site?s writers, has heard a rumour that Barnsley?s Nick Colgan is being targeted by Town to add some healthy competition for the goalkeeper?s position. This would be realistic seeing as though Phil Senior is no longer with the club. Chrisuk5675 thinks the idea of bringing the Tykes man to the Galpharm would not be a wise one, however, as he was at fault for both of Town?s goals against Barnsley in the recent play-off encounter.

A ?keeper who would be welcomed back at the Galpharm Stadium, though, is Nico Vaesen. Proud to be a terrier would like to see him back, as does MILKman who said: ?It would be great to have Nico back and Jacko did bring him to Town in the first place. But Colgan would be great too.? Seany, another writer for Terrier Bytes, has heard a rumour that a deal is nearly completed for the experienced goalkeeper. He also says that a Sheffield United striker may come to Town, possibly Beckett, Forte or Shipperley.

It will be interesting to see who Jackson brings in and let?s go between now and August. One thing?s for sure though, he needs to bring a couple of good quality players to add to the talented, young local lads already in the team. Who knows, maybe he?ll spot some talent at the World Cup? A Togolese player maybe? Then again, maybe not!

Heard any transfer rumours? Join in with the discussion!


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