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Huddersfield Town story posted by Jonny Helliwell on 10/08/2006
Welcome to 'Around the Boards', a new weekly column which takes a look at Town fans' comments on various issues related to the club, taken from HTAFC messageboards such as The Examiner, and Terrier Bytes.Around the Boards (Fixed)

This weeks feature looks at the role of Jon Worthington at the club. A lot of debate has occurred over the last year of whether he is derserving of the captain's role, and his place in the side.

'Sally Nook' from Huddersfield believes that: 'We will not progress with a central midfield consisting of Worthington and Hudson. One cannot pass a ball to his own man, and the other can only pass the ball backwards or sideways'.

'Rich' believes Worthington has : 'deteriorated over the summer'.

However, 'Realist' believes that: 'he would be better in the Hudson role, breaking down attacks'.

'Jeff' from Huddersfield says : 'I am usually a supporter of Jackson, however, he can't or won't see that our central midfield pairing isn't up to scratch. How many stray passes from Worthington in the Rotherham match?'.

'Linfit Lad' asks: 'How long can Jackson continue to protect captain fantastic, when his performance against Rotherham was the pits?'.

However, posters are much more positive on our very own Terrier Bytes!

'Mags' believes Worthington is an 'asset'.

'Proud 2 be a terrier' says: 'He is the type of midfielder I like! He gets stuck in and doesn't back out'.

'Neil Armstead' echoes that sentiment by saying: 'You can't beat a player who isn't afraid of getting stuck in'.

And 'TownFan72' says: 'It's a good job he sticks his foot in, as Hudson rarely seems to bother'.

A lot of mixed opinions there, with not a single piece of praise for Worthington in recent posts on the Examiner messageboard.
My personal opinion is that Worthington is a player who always gives 110%, and it always helps to have players like that in your side.
He can be reckless at times, but as he matures i'm sure that part of his game will improve.
As to whether he should be captain or not, i'll leave that for you to discuss!


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