Tevez and Mascherano to...West Ham???!!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Jonny Helliwell on 31/08/2006
Today's final day of the transfer window has seen what is probably the most unbelievable coup in British football history.Tevez and Mascherano to...West Ham???!!
But is there something more to this story than meets the eye?
Argentines Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano have today completed transfers to West Ham United, despite being linked with some of the worlds largest clubs.
Tevez, a 22 year old striker, is one of the world's most promising strikers, and joined Brazilian club Corinthians in 2004 for a South American record fee of $20m with a $2m a year contract and a ?68m release clause. He has made 25 appearances for Argentina, scoring 4 goals.
Mascherano, also 22 years old and a defensive midfielder with a long list of suitors, including Manchester United, signed for Corinthians in 2004 for $15m. He has currently made 20 appearances for Argentina. Both of these transfers were funded by a company known as 'Media Sports Investments', more on this group later.
So how is it that two of the world's most desired players sign for a club, with no disrespect intended, like West Ham?
Sure, they did well last season, reaching the FA Cup final, and thus qualifying for the UEFA Cup, but come on! These are two world class players we are talking about here who could walk into ANY Champion's League side.
Rumours are already circulating that the man behind these transfers is none other than...ROMAN ABRAMOVICH!
The two players, Tevez and Mascherano have signed for West Ham from the aforementioned Brazilian club, Corinthians, who are owned and controlled by a international fund of investors known as 'Media Sports Investments'(MSI). Two interesting things to note here are:
1. MSI were behind a takeover attempt of West Ham at the beginning of the 2005-2006 season, which failed due to a disagreement over the valuation of the club.
2. It is rumoured that one important man that we have all heard about has a 15% stake in MSI. His name? Roman Abramovich.
Now there are two possibilities of what is happening here. Forget the actual transfers of the players for a moment, because I believe they are just pawns in this story at the moment.
1. MSI are going to take over West Ham Football club, and are using the transfer of these two players to sweeten the deal after their previous failed attempt. After all, it is MSI who own these players, not Corinthians.
2. Roman Abramovich has used his influence within MSI to ensure the two players go to a club that is not in direct competition with Chelsea, ie: Manchester United or Arsenal, to acclimatise to the English game and London in general, to later sign for Chelsea with absolutely no competition from any other club.
The strangest aspect of this story comes from West Ham however.
If any other club had signed two of the most talented players on the planet, the details of the deal would have been shouted from the rooftops. Price, Contract Length, Wages. The whole shebang. Instead, West Ham are being extremely secretive about the whole deal.
A statement on the club's website reads:
"These transfers represent a massive coup for the Hammers, who have beaten off some of Europe's biggest clubs to secure the services of the duo"
"The pair have been signed for an undisclosed fee, and all other aspects of the transfers will remain confidential and undisclosed".
Now, it seems very strange that the biggest transfers in West Ham's history, and probably even British football would be shrouded in such secrecy.
I don't think we've heard the last of this story.
What do you think?


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