Jepson Move Could Be Off

Huddersfield Town story posted by Sean Makin on 09/03/2007
After it was openly reported that Gillingham were letting Town speak to manager Ronnie Jepson, the move could now be off over a row over a compensation package.Jepson Move Could Be Off

Gillingham chairman Paul Scully is apprently demanding too much money for Jepson to head north.
Jepson, himself, refused to speculate if he was coming to Town.
"I know through one or two of my friends I?ve been linked with things, but all I?m doing is focusing on Gillingham for the game on Saturday."

Paul Scully said to BBC Radio Kent that Ronnie Jepson will only be allowed to leave for Huddersfield Town if it is the right thing for the Gills.

Scully told BBC Radio Kent, "I have never been of the view that you should force someone to work for you.

"But I do believe in loyalty and if you have a contract you should honour it.

"If it isn't suitable for us to release someone from their deal then I wouldn't do it but them I wouldn't stand in the way of someone who wasn't happy here."

Jepson played for the Terriers between 1993 and 1996 making 107 appearances and scoring 36 goals and is for some supporters their choice of manager for Town.


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