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Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 24/01/2008
It's not often I plug other websites - especially betting ones - but is an exception. You see, the concept behing it is that you're betting against people you know - mainly your friends.Visit for a new kind of betting

So imagine you're online chatting with your mates and you're in disagreement as to who's going to win on Saturday when Town play Oldham in the FA Cup 4th round - you can now have the bet against each straight through MatesOdds. No need to worry about being paid if you win then, too, as the transaction will have taken place online.

Michael over at MatesOdds sent the following message.

"I am looking for beta testers for a site we are launching called It is a site that allows friends to bet with each other. It will also allow members of the forum to place and record bets with each other. No money passes through the site, and it is completely free to use."

Sign up at to get started.


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