Town fans disappointed with this season

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 25/04/2008
In the latest Terrier-Bytes poll we asked you how happy you've been with Huddersfield Town's season so far and the majority of fans agree that it has been a huge disappointment. In fact, 73% of all voters agreed that it has been.Town fans disappointed with this season

With the exception of the good FA Cup run - beating Premiership side Birmingham City and drawing at half time against Chelsea - the season has been inconsistent. It has been a case of win one, lose one. Hopefully the appointment of Stan Ternent as manager and 'Rocket' Ronnie Jepson as his assistant will change that for the better next season!

The poll results are as follows;

How happy are you with the season so far?

Extremely happy - 6%
Happy - 0%
Satisfied - 5%
Slightly disappointed - 17%
Disappointed - 73%

A new poll is now active on the website which asks if you're happy with the appointment of Stan Ternent as new manager of Huddersfield Town.


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