Rubery hits out at YTV

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 13/09/2001
Huddersfield Town Chairman Barry Rubery hit out at the YTV channel today and demanded a retraction of the statement which said that all Town player's were up for sale.Rubery hits out at YTV

He said on the clubs website that 'The statement is completely fabricated and is very upsetting to all supporters of Huddersfield Town Football club, the players, staff, and myself.' He went on to say 'I am absolutely stunned that the regional Television channel should make such irresponsible, unfounded and indeed mischievous statements which are demoralising for the fans and more importantly, for the players themselves, especially at a time when the players are rising to the challenge which faces them and doing a sterling job!!"

Rubery said that all the players are not up for sale and it is himself that holds the purse strings and decides whether to sell or purchase players. he said he wants a retraction of the statement and a public apology. Meanwhile, at YTV, they said that it was only 10 seconds worth of audio and they asked 'How do you know what qualifies as Sale of the Century?'.

From any neutral or YTV observer the number of players that have been offloaded from Town in recent months could constitute a Sale of the Century. Plus the fact that others may still leave the club. Obviously from Rubery's and the club's standpoint it doesn't exactly engender faith in the Terriers supporters if they feel the players are being whittled away.

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