Will Clyde Wijnhard leave Town?

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 11/12/2001
Huddersfield Town striker Clyde Wijnhard could be leaving the club according to some strong rumours circulating at the moment. The big dutch man who has not played for over a year following his car accident where he completely shattered his arm is now back in the reserves and gaining fitness every day. Town have been paying Wijnhards approx. ?7000 a week wages since his injury and now aren't too sure if he'll be playing much longer. Remember though that it is just a rumour.Will Clyde Wijnhard leave Town?

If the rumour does prove to be true then it will be a huge blow to Towns promotion quest since Wijnhard would be a massive problem for 2nd division defences. Didn't Mr Rubery say that at least one more player would have to be sold before he leaves? Let's hope it's not Clyde!


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