Clarke Set To Join Terriers

Huddersfield Town story posted by Sean Makin on 12/06/2009
Southend United defender Peter Clarke is set to sign a three-year deal with Huddersfield Town.Clarke Set To Join Terriers

The 27-year old is out of contract at Roots Hall and has been linked with Town and Charlton Athletic.

It was Clarke's decision to want to move back north which helped seal the deal for Town.

"It's been a very hard decision for me but I've been made an offer which I don't think I can turn down," said the 27-year-old who is from Southport.

"My wife's dad isn't too well at the moment. He's having treatment and moving back to nearer where we're from will enable her to see him a lot more.

"The length of the contract at Huddersfield also gives us some security which is important as I have my little girl to think about now but I'm leaving with a heavy heart."

He said of Town:

The management and chairman at Huddersfield are very ambitious and I was impressed by them.

"Hopefully we can achieve success together but who knows what will happen? The only things in life you can guarantee are that you pay your taxes and that one day you will die.

"Only time will tell if I've made the right decision but I am sad to be leaving Southend."


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