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Huddersfield Town story posted by Phill Rodgerson on 29/09/2002
After a few weeks break When Saturday's Gone returns with a substantial amount of updates. Hope this enlightens your Sunday evening!When Saturday's Gone


Inevitable is the only word that comes to mind. The correct formula was set for yesterday's match against Oldham. Big central forward Clyde Wijnhard playing against his former team for the first time since being given the boot due to high wage demands last season, and the return of Mick Wadsworth to Boundary Park since he switched clubs in the summer could only mean one outcome was on the books - a Town loss.

It didn't take long for the players to learn their lines as Ayre threaded the ball through for Wijnhard who easily brushed off Nat Brown to give Oldham a lead within 30 seconds of the game starting. He taunted the Town fans with his goal celebration, indicating his displeasure at the circumstances in which he departed the club last season. Wijnhard then doubled his lead on 55 minutes, poking the ball past a helpless Bevan. The writing was almost on the cards for a Wijnhard hat-trick, but he had to settle with his brace as some sturdy defending from Nat Brown and Jon Dyson kept other shots out.

The game finished 4-0, leaving the Terrier's lingering deep in the relegation zone and Mick Wadsworth's managerial credentials very much in doubt. Oldham's other scorers were Eyre and Lourenco - visit www.Terrier-Bytes.com for the latest match report from our new reporter Andy Dixon.


Plans are proposed for a Pizza Hut outlet to be placed on Stadium Way to accompany the great arrange of facilities already available, including a multi-screen cinema and a fitness centre. The new Pizza Hut is scheduled to be built where St. Louis bar is currently situated, just to the right of the UCI Cinema. There is no set completion date as of yet, but a rough estimate is that it will be ready for the new year.


The creatively titled Huddersfield Town publication 'TOWN' will deliver its second monthly instalment tomorrow. Priced at just ?1.00 it's definitely worth picking up if you're a Town fan - if only to generate some more cash for the club! It will contain all the regular article's with features on particular players, views from the fans and information on the behind-the-scenes running of the club. The new magazine will be available from most newsagents so pick one up as soon as you can!


Successful Huddersfield Giant's manager Tony Smith has heaped praise on the new regime in place at the McAlpine, especially for his "new friend" Mick Wadsworth. The Giant's coach, who is set to take the Rugby League club back to the Super League this season, has had nothing but good words for Mick Wadsworth and his staff. He mentioned that Mick is in a particularly similar position as he was in 18 months ago, with results going against his team and the fans getting frustrated but has urged Hudderfield fans to stick with their man as the Giants fans did with him. He has acknowledged the difficult start Wadsworth has had to the season and has said the atmosphere is much better now with the new set up and wishes Wadsworth the best of luck at Town.


The Football League has secured it's five major footballing finals at the new Wembley for the next 20 years. The project, set to begin with a clearing of the original Wembley site two weeks on Monday, once completed, will host the First, Second and Third Division play-off's, the League (Worthington) Cup and the Football League (LDV Vans) Trophy. The deal ensures that the project is worth its estimated ?500m investment and, with an estimated 90,000 seats, that revenue is guaranteed for the successful Football League clubs at each level.


Paul Haigh recently reported on the current financial situation at Town which doesn't seem to improving as performances on the field get worse and crowds dwindle. He recently remarked that he had expected larger crowds at the McAlpine this season and this has meant lower revenue that originally budgeted for. This, along with enormous player wage packages at the club, has lead for Town Director Paul Haigh to stress the importance to Huddersfield Town of a good cup run and for the fans to continue backing the Terriers. Town are currently through to the second round of the Worthington Cup for the first time in three years, and after reaching the semi-finals of the LDV Vans Trophy will also be entered for that tournament. But Haigh pinpointed the F.A. Cup as the most lucrative of the cup competitions and has urged for Town players to ensure a good run and for Town fans to produce the vocal backing needed in the competitions.

The next matches scheduled for Town in cup competitions are as follows:

Tuesday October 1st - Worthington Cup Second Round v. Burnley (H) K.O. 7.45pm
Tuesday October 22nd - LDV Vans Northern Section First Round (TBC)
Tuesday November 16th - F.A. Cup First Found (TBC)


Head of the Huddersfield Town Patrons and regular commentator for Home FM as well as life-long Town fan Graham Hudson says he's very positive that Town can turn their bad start to the season around and at least remain in this Divison to secure some stability for next season. Hudson, whose Patrons are holding a membership drive to boost the Academy (click here http://www.htfcpatrons.com/membership.html for further details), says the key to success is consistency. Re-iterating the common feeling of a positive new atmosphere from the Town camp Hudson says in yesterday's Examiner that the Town team need to settle into the new regime and to start taking their chances. He also stressed the importance of Town fans getting behind the manager in this hard time in order to provide the stability needed for the club to progress forward.


The following is an article by Michael Sinclair, a member of the YTV Sports Team and an Everton fan highlighting his surprise at the loyalties of the ITV crew:

"When I crossed the Pennines to study at University, and later to work at Yorkshire Television, I was convinced I'd be surrounded by Leeds United fans. Well there are one or two colleagues who follow El Tel's boys, but I really am surrounded by Huddersfield Town fans. Everywhere I turn there's a McAlpine watcher. We've got a sprinkling of Sheffield Wednesday, Bradford City, Hull City, Chesterfield and Barnsley fans, but I'm genuinely staggered by the huge number of workmates who support the Terriers. Sports Producer Nick Beaumont, away this week working with ITV and Des Lynam on the Champions League, apparently keeps boring the pants off Ron Atkinson by talking to him about Huddersfield Town. Then there's Sports Editor John Shires, who makes just as much noise when Town lose as he does when they win and claims the referee must have been biased. When Town were relegated after that infamous game against Birmingham, John - without holding back one bit - launched a kicking assault on a desk in the office. For a man who is injury prone at the best of times it could have caused problems, considering he was about to present 'Goals on Sunday' in about fifteen minutes' time. Sports reporter Jason McCartney is another man who dreams in blue and white stripes. Calendar's Editor Will Venters is another fanatic - it was him who persuaded me to write this article. Then there's bulletin writer Chris Hinchliffe, and so on and so on. I have to admit that since I've settled into the white rose county, I've developed a soft spot for Town too."

Speaking of fans, Radio Leeds presenter Paul Ogden will have divided loyalties on Tuesday night as he reports on Town's Worthington Cup clash with Burnley - he's a Burnley fan!

Stay tuned to www.Terrier-Bytes.com for all the latest news and match reports and look out for Tuesday's clash with Burnley reported on the site on Wednesday by myself.


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