Town shortlisted for 5 Football League awards!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 11/02/2010
Huddersfield Town have been shortlisted for 5 awards in this year's Football League awards. This equals the record number of awards by an individual club since the awards began.Town shortlisted for 5 Football League awards!

The categories that Town will be looking to win are 'The Family Club of the Year', 'Programme of the Year', 'Best Marketing Campaign of the Year', 'Player in the Community (Andy Booth)' and 'Best Community Project - 'The Town Cheerleaders'.

Dean Hoyle, Town's chairman, said: "It is usually the 'on-the-field' football results that grab all the headlines. Behind the scenes we have many unsung heroes working very hard. Everyone has been challenged to do much more in the last year and the nominations we have received are an early reward and recognition for all their hard work and effort.

"We can be proud of our progress so far in the "New Era". We have achieved a lot and transformed the Club in many ways. We are trying to operate our Club robustly and sustainably and engage with our supporters and community honestly and straightforwardly. We have a growing reputation as a Club and people in the game are starting to watch us and take notice.

"However, we are only in the early stages of what promises to be an exciting journey and to be recognised from inside the game, in this way already is great news."


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