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Huddersfield Town story posted by Sean Makin on 20/04/2010
We would like to encourage Huddersfield Town fans from all over the world to join the Terrier-Bytes forum.Join The Terrier-Bytes Forum Today!

The Terrier-Bytes forum has been abandoned over recent years and our small fanbase from yesteryear has disappeared into thin air.
Whilst I suspect due to dwindling numbers many have jumped ship to the Downatthemac forum.

While DATM is a great Huddersfield Town forum and probably is number one in terms for Town fans, whilst we will never have the fanbase of their size, we would like to bring back the small fanbase we once had and get the forums going with fans opinions and banter.

Whether your a Town fan who hasn't registed with the forum, a previous user or any DATM fans would like to help us build up back the forum, we would very much appreciate your support.

Keep the faith!

Best Wishes
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